Why Am I Here?

It’s a question you may be asking as you’ve arrived at this site. Why am I here, does this blog do anything that other blogs don’t, is the voice behind it singular enough to stand out from the pack? Maybe you’re a friend who followed a link I shared on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe this blog has become a legitimate success and you’re a fan going back to the beginning. In all honesty it’s a question I am partially asking myself as I enter this world of blogging, and I will attempt to answer it for both myself and you now.

Yesterday I sat down in a TV Writers Room for the first time. Through some family connections I was able to sit down and meet one of the Executive Producers of The Soul Man on TV Land. They buzzed me in to CBS Studios (another first for me) and he let me chat him up during his lunch break. In an effort to learn about some of his writing team’s stories on how they got their start he brought me into the room.

Standing on the center of the table was a model of the Starship Enterprise, almost the same as the one I had bought years earlier as a Christmas gift for my Father. Let no one say I wouldn’t belong in this world.

What I learned from speaking with everyone is that, as usual, there is no single path to success. Some suggested getting into fellowships and writing programs, others simply knew someone else who got them in, but they all told me to keep on writing. One piece of advice stuck out.

“Do you have a Twitter?”

“Yes, but it’s not very good.”

“Make it good. Do you have a Blog?”


“Start a Blog. Because these are places where everyone can see how good of a writer you are.”

This advice stood out because it was the same advice my father had given me back in August. It’s something I was thinking about, but always in terms of “and then eventually I’ll start a blog.” But as soon as I exited that meeting I realized that this is the thing I can make happen now. Writing scripts and shorts and moving forward in this industry are all things that are on the horizon, but there’s no reason why I can’t put my voice in the ether today. And that’s why I am here.

Why are you here? This isn’t a listicle on Buzzfeed or a simple and short Tumblr post, I am writing a long statement on my life right now and that doesn’t usually play very well online. This is what I will be doing here though. Thoughts on news pieces, personal life events, honestly a fair amount of comic book and TV coverage, and probably a mix of short stories and longer form prose released chapter by chapter. I am a fiction writer first and foremost after all.

I’m putting my voice out there, yelling into the vast void of the internet and seeing what comes back to me. I will be the Catcher in the Wry, referencing a book I dislike much more than the message it’s trying to send, saving the children playing in this idyllic field of sarcasm and wit from falling off the edge. I hope you will join me here and see what happens, and really find out what it is we have here.

I don’t know about you all, but I’m excited.


P.S. You get that it’s a play on word of the Catcher in the Rye right? I know, it’s subtle.


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