You Should Be Watching Jane the Virgin

I can distinctly remember the first time I heard about Jane the Virgin. It was during network upfronts, the NFL draft of TV, and this was one of three shows coming to the CW. Jane was entering alongside The Flash and iZombie and one of these things is clearly not like the others.

In fact, I was taken back by how unlike anything else on the network Jane was. This was a one hour dramedy playing in the same court as two shows about superheroes, two about vampires, one about survival in a post apocalypse, and, because it will be on TV forever, Supernatural.

But then I watched the first trailer:

And I didn’t tune in. The premise sounded ridiculous, and silly past me thought that was a bad thing.

That fall season I started watching Gotham and Scorpion, and quickly stopped watching both. They are bad and should feel bad.

Luckily, I started noticing how much the rest of the internet fell in love with the series and decided to start watching. What I discovered was a show that had far more happening beneath the surface.

Yes, Jane the Virgin is about a pregnant virgin.

There’s also a story line about murders happening at the hotel Jane works in. Jane’s long lost father reappears and is a telenovela superstar. She breaks up with her fiance for the father of her child. Her grandmother is pursued by immigration.

Secret lesbian romances!

Surprise deaths!

Secret twins!



And this!


And its all tied around a smart, emotional, and character driven story. Not to mention the brilliant performance of star and golden globe winner Gina Rodriguez. She brings a warmth and heart and excitement to Jane that carries the entire show.

I am writing this recommendation today because the second season premieres tonight. Here in LA, every mall seems to be plastered with this poster:

Jane The Virgin

But since LA isn’t real life, I figured nobody else is seeing these around. So I’m here to throw this excellent show in your face.

I’m trying to explain why it’s so good and I fear I am raving like a mad man. I don’t want to tell you too many plot points because SO MUCH HAPPENS in the first season.

What I can tell you is that every episode opens with a Latin Lover Narrator who is more than willing to tell you what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen. Add that to the frequent text on screen helping to break everything down and you get a very dense show that is also easy to follow. It moves in line with my belief that TV needs to be more fun.

Jane the Virgin will add some fun to your Monday night, and I promise you won’t regret it. The first season is currently available on Netflix, which means you just ran out of excuses. There are 22 episodes, and they will be a very easy binge.

I recommend making a weekend of it, bringing friends, and eating some three cheese grilled cheese while you watch. Then when you’re finished, the first episode of season two will already be available on the CW’s website.

Oh and one last thing. These were their Emmy Campaign posters. First for the show and Gina Rodriguez, filled with the words from her excellent Golden Globe acceptance speech:


And then there the one for Jaime Camil:

emmyYou’re welcome indeed.


P.S. There’s another show premiering after Jane called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It has a crazy title and an equally mad plot. I expect to fall in love with it too.


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