One Year Gone By

January 10th, 2015 was my first full day in Los Angeles.

As of January 11th, 2016 I have been living in LA for a year.

On that first day I woke up on my sister’s couch. I had spent the night there before my apartment would become available that first day.

Today I woke up in my bed, in the bedroom I sublease. I have been living here since September and will stay here until at least August.

On the first day it was raining, but still around 60 degrees outside.

Today it didn’t rain, but it was still warm out.

I hung around for most of the day, waiting until my apartment would finally be available.

I woke up early to go to a morning shift at my job.

The only occupation I had was “student”, and I hadn’t secured an internship for my semester in LA yet.

I am currently a “Magic Maker” at Lolli and Pops. I sell candy. Today I came in before opening to clean bulk candy bins.

When I finally moved in to my apartment I met my roommates for the first time. They were almost complete strangers, and I knew only one other student in the program ahead of time.

Now I have many friends in LA (about 53 if Facebook is to be believed), both from my semester here, other graduates of Temple University, roommates, and some other friends I have made along the way.

We took our first trip together to buy groceries, bonding over food and plans to cook more than in the past.

Today I went in search of picture frames and a lamp to turn my house into more of a home. I try to cook as many meals of mine as possible, even if that is only a sandwich. I make a pretty good sandwich.

That night I crawled into bed, in a room that I shared, anxious about the next day and the semester to come.

Tonight I will get into bed, in my own room with a door that locks and everything, with no pressing fears or nerves. There are no more classes or programs. The only homework I have is that I assign myself. I know exactly what I’m doing tomorrow, and I feel completely stress-free about it.

After living in LA for a year I am astounded by how much has happened. I have lived on my sister’s couch and Burbank and my sister’s couch and Carson and my sister’s couch and North Hollywood. I have seen temperatures range from 50s and comfortable all the way to 100s and unbearable. I still can’t recall feeling an earthquake. I have interned with both a production company and management firm, I have been unemployed, I have found a job for minimum wage, and now I eagerly search for a better one. I have more friends than I expected to have within a year here. I know my way around my area and am working to improve my lifestyle even more.

With one year in LA under my belt, I am ready to take on my second. Realizing how much has happened in this past one I can’t imagine everything that’ll happen in the next.


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