Announcing: PANTHEON

To be honest, one of the hardest thing about being a writer without any real cache is that I can’t just post my scripts online for everyone to read. Those stories are meant to be consumed as finished products, filmed and edited, but to manage that I have to fund a production that I simply can’t afford. But I want to make something that people can enjoy immediately!

It’s about here that I remember that I can write stories that aren’t scripts, and I have a platform, this one, to share those stories with people.

So I am announcing my first prose blog narrative! It’s called Pantheon, and it is the story of how a group of people who survive the death of the universe become the gods of the next one. Expect the first chapter later this week, and I will attempt to update with a new chapter every other week.

I would like to issue a disclaimer though. I have not spent a great deal of time writing in prose. Hopefully I will surprise myself and discover I am actually good at this kind of thing, but nevertheless curb your enthusiasm.

Stay… well, I don’t want to say tuned since this is a blog and not TV. Although the idiom has merit. Stay… attentive? Aware! Stay aware.


PS, The fun part about writing in prose is that there’s no such thing as budgetary restrictions.


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