An Anecdote on Democracy

When I was a Freshman in High School, we elected a girl named Nina to be our Class President.

Nina was an Indian girl who took almost entirely honor classes. She was smart and kind and responsible far beyond her years. Under her leadership our class successfully completed fundraiser after fundraiser. The money from these going towards our eventual class trip to Disney World in Florida.

Her tenure for that first year was an unmitigated success, so in Sophomore year we reelected her and the good times rolled. I know her government was strong because, like any good student government, nobody really talked about it. We only really notice when there’s a problem.

Things changed in Junior year. I remember hearing about Nina’s big competition, not by reading any campaign poster, but by hearing guys around the hallways bellow, “ROSS THE BOSS!” at completely random intervals.

Out of nowhere a movement of white men began to elect their own candidate, Ross, into office. Their main reason for running against Nina was, well, “she’s a bitch”.

The election became more of a farce than a lesson in politics. Ross’s supporters would boo Nina when she went to speak at debates. They called her out for being elitist and raised Ross up as a candidate of the people. Despite all this, I figured Nina would win once more. I figured only assholes were voting for Ross, and from what I knew of my class the asshole vote was very small.

But he won.

The campaign against Nina made enough people in the school dislike her that they chose to elect Ross the Boss.

What followed was a year of pure net loss for our class. Our financial savings for our senior trip dwindled as our government planned failing fundraiser after dance after failing fundraiser. It could have crippled us had it continued for another year. Luckily we elected someone else to office and salvaged our trip.

The reason I’m writing down this story should be obvious to anybody paying attention to the presidential election. Candidates and their supporters are acting as childish as a bunch of idiotic High School Juniors. In my school the wrong candidate won, not because their policies were better, but because their supporters were dedicated enough to turn public opinion against the best candidate.

I don’t want to use this platform to tell you who I think the best candidate is. What I can say is, make sure you know what you are voting for and not who you are voting for. Find out their policies, and then take a look at those policies from a third party source. Check them on their blatant lies, because right now they will say anything to win. They’re like a toddler who just wants a cookie SO bad.

I think the American political process is coming up upon a major turning point, and I for one hope it’s one led by logic and reasoning and not passion and anger.

To my nerds out there: Think Vulcan, Don’t Act Romulan.


PS – But seriously, the Electoral College needs to be removed from the whole process. It’s stupid.


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