Donald Trump Won the Presidency

White people, amiright?

I’m sorry. That’s not funny. I don’t think anything will be for a few days. Or maybe four years. It’s just my gut reaction to find the joke somewhere, goddamn anywhere, in a bad situation. When I went to bed around midnight and there still wasn’t an official winner. I just woke up at 4:45 and learned Donald Trump won. Now I can’t sleep. My hearts beating fast. I’m angry and scared. But more than any of that I have never been more disappointed in my life.

The United States of America has elected one of the most deplorable and hateful human beings to ever walk this Earth. We’ve rewarded a man who’s bragged about sexual assault and cheating. A man who bullied his republican opponents into submission until they came around and supported him. A man who’s crossed the line on so many different occasions that I’ve forgotten when the line used to be. I think I’m having a panic attack, because I have no idea what is going to happen when he is sworn into office.

He never laid out policy. All he said was that America has fallen apart and only he can put it back together. Well now he can, because not only has he been elected but the house and senate are both republican majority. He can do whatever he wants and it will get passed. Except apparently he won’t be in charge of domestic or foreign policy, Mike Pence will be. A man who’s hatred for the LGBTQ people of this country is genuinely threatening.

And it all came down to this massive outpouring or white voters, not only in the usual red states but in all the battleground states and districts too. Pennsylvania, a state I thought I knew so well after attending college in Philadelphia, wound up red this year. It wasn’t the people in the cities, it was the rural white majority. These people came out in unprecedented droves to send a message to the “liberal elite” and the media and the millennials. A very simple two word message.

Fuck you.

We’ve been neglected for too long while you live in your bastions of culture. Fuck you. While the cities prospered we’ve been in disrepair since 2008. Fuck you. We see chaos and you show us stats saying everything is fine. Fuck you. You want us to change our ways for trans bathrooms and take away our guns. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck your country. Fuck this political system. This guy makes a lot of noise and doesn’t act like the others. Putting him in charge will show them, might even benefit us.

It worked too. God I can’t believe it worked. He’s going to be the president. I refuse to be one of those people that says, “not my president.” When they said that after Obama won I took offense. I refuse to be like them. But this is seismic. No living president supports this guy. He has zero government or military experience. Every relevant celebrity and personality stood against him and yet he barreled right through and is heading for the white house.

I wonder, in Germany when Hitler took his “temporary” controlling power in the government. Were there people who felt like many of us do now? People who knew this was going to end badly. How would that have gone down in a time with the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram? Would it have looked like this. Will it all make a difference now? These are dark days indeed. But we’re not going to let this go down that path.

I truly believe that deep down in everyone’s souls they are good. Or rather, that people want to be good. Nobody sees themselves as the villain, not even the orange man who lives in a tower with his name on it where everything is gold. Now I need everyone to know when this man, our president, is saying something out of hate. I need everyone to put the work in and stay vigilant. Be the good and fight back. Fight for yourselves. Fight for your friends and family. But most importantly, fight for your country and your democracy, because others fought hard to get us one and it would be a shame to let it all fall apart on our watch now.


PS, I hope every0ne who voted third party is feeling fucking great right now.

PSS, fucking white people.


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