Welcome to the Halloween Bar!

There’s a place where the dark things party

The monsters, ghouls, goblins and ghosts

The drinks are strong and the meals hearty

It’s the door under the bridge

Which bridge?

Every bridge!


The old Vampires and Werewolves admonish their progeny

Scary was the way, not sexy

The youths laugh it off, proud of their androgyny

But they’re underage so they’re kicked out

The Zombies get down on the dance floor

Bones cracking, moans gurgling, they then rise again

Some are fast, some are slow, they ignore the lore

All end up upset by the lack of chicks or brains… or both

The Ghosts can only drink ectoplasm liquor

They’re the vegans of the monster community

That they died in the bar is the kicker

And at least three have their eyes on their bodies in the Zombie horde

The Witches are clearly racist towards the undead

“Vampires and Zombies and Mummies, they’re all basically the same”

But they brew the best hellish drinks that alcoholics dread

And secretly write a screenplay for their own sexy reboot

Nobody really knows why the Leprechauns are there

They’re turning everything green and throwing glitter everywhere

For a monster themed bar it’s overzealous flair

Although par for the course just about anywhere else

The Grim Reaper is the owner showing around a human guest

An extra dimensional tesseract space bar requires a nightly sacrifice

He’ll make sure any visitors are put to rest

And the ghosts add another to their growing entourage

Only here is Halloween all year round

If the drinks don’t kill you the patrons will

Make friends, dance all night, enjoy the sound

Because you probably won’t survive the night